Uses of Animation And Different Career Options in Animation Industry

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Animation is the process where effects are given to still images, combining them and making them move in a continuous motion For example, whatever the cartoon characters in movies, like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Ice Age etc. are created with the help of animation. Animators are the artists who specialize in the art of animation.

Uses of Animation:

Animation is used in a variety of industries. Let Medical Explainer Video Productions have a look at some industries which use animation:

1. Healthcare Industry

3D medical animation has become a popular medium for healthcare industry and it can be seen through in websites, investor presentations, public video information and medical & scientific research. With the latest 3D technology available in the market, healthcare professionals use 3D medical animation to make an outstanding and long-lasting impact on their audience.

2. Construction and Manufacturing Industry

Use of 3D animation, one can make a simulation of the building as it appears in the real-time. The whole design can be divided into phases which will make it better to understand every floor, landscape, [ANCHOR_COMES_HERE] textures, elevations etc. It will help in identifying the issues on the spot and rectifying it.

3. Academic Industry

If the teaching methodology is more interactive, then kids will learn swiftly and in a better way. The impact will be more and it will enhance student learning, if teaching technique involves both visual and verbal communication.

4. Production Industry

3D animation in production industry can be classified into 3 categories:

Pre-production- In this step, the detailed roadmap and steps towards the production process will be created with the help of 3D models and videos.

Production- This is the actual stage where the animation process starts. Team of Animators and designers work together to make a final product.

Post-Production- 3D modelling and animation in post-production involves editing of pieces and soundtrack, creating of transitions, compiling, compression of video files, color correction.

5. Entertainment Industry

Use of latest technology and animation is safer than actors performing dangerous stunts in the movies. It's more cost-effective than creating effects live in the studio. Also, technicians will have more control over digital effects than performing it live. Director James Cameron made his 3-D sci-fi movie, "Avatar" using animation. He combined digital effects with the actual body movements and facial expressions of the actors. Avatar is a combination of 40 percent live actions and 60 percent digital animation.

6. Automobile Industry

It uses 3D animation with other software, which will be used in automobiles to see the live effect of various road conditions. Two wheeler manufacturers have developed stimulators using 3D animation which provides the buyers an option to get the feel of a bike before, which will help them in taking a decision whether to buy the bike or not.

Career options

Animation industry is generating a great scope of employment by offering profiles in different industry:

3D Modeller

Firm and Video Editor


Layout artist

Clean up artist

Keyframe animator

Background artist

Storyboard artist

Visual Development artist
Factors responsible

Following factors plays an important role in selecting the quality Animation institute

Whether institute is providing training using latest animation tools like Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya or not?

Make sure that Institute is making you work on real time projects.

Apart from training, an Institute should organize special workshops and provide special classes on latest topics which can enhance a student's knowledge.

Labs should be equipped with latest hardware and software.

Option for flexible batch timings and weekday, weekend batches should be available.

Facility for both online and classroom training.
Apart from working on the above mentioned points, the best way to do the verification is by meeting a career counsellor from every Institute and discuss what are the courses offered by them. Get in touch with students who are pass-outs from the Institute and take their feedback regarding the Institute and the Faculty members. Choosing the right Institute and career is not an easy decision. It requires a lot of research. But little hard work and patience will end up in fruitful results .Be it any field.

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